RMI Flag Remains at the Forefront in Greece

28 March 2018

For the 31st consecutive year the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee (GSCC) presents statistical data on Greek controlled ships over 1,000 gross tons (GT). The data has been provided by IHS Markit. The following is a short analysis, prepared by the Secretariat, of the data provided.

Main registries of Greek controlled ships

Flag Analysis of Ships owned by Greek parent companies, which gives the total number of ships, total DWT and total GT, registered under each of the main registries used by Greek owners, compared with the corresponding table of last year, shows that Liberia gained 49 ships, Marshall Islands 33 ships, Malta 23 ships and Cyprus 3 ships.

On the other hand, a decrease has been recorded in the number of vessels under Panamanian flag, with a loss of 22, as well as Greece, which faced a loss of 24 ships this year, 672,557 in DWT and 317,788 in GT. Minor changes have been noted for all other flags.