Meeting the Challenges of Changing Markets after COVID-19

12 January 2023

Reliable partnerships and relationships are critical to handling the dynamic market conditions the world is experiencing post-pandemic. Stable policies and a future-forward outlook provide the necessary strong platform for economic growth and development. With 28 worldwide offices providing local support in local time, International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI), which provide administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime and Corporate Registries, is engaged with local, regional, and international partners on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. The global network of offices ensures clients receive high-quality service coupled with real knowledge of market conditions.  With a stable political structure, the RMI remains engaged with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Union (EU), and other international institutions to ensure international standards of corporate governance continue to be met, while focusing on modern corporate policies. The most recent EU Report, released 4 October 2022, once again recognizes RMI as a cooperative jurisdiction that has met all of its commitments.


To meet the needs and priorities of entrepreneurs, investors, stakeholders, and governing boards, RMI has evolved its rules and regulations over time to create a framework that not only meets international standards, but also offers unparalleled client service while maintaining transparency in governance and Registry operations. Representing a wide variety of business entities, the RMI Corporate Registry team is efficient, effective, and adaptable, all key qualities for competing in a dynamic market. As the world moves past COVID-19 restrictions, achieving an entity’s goals may require different corporate vehicles, financial instruments, or partners than in the past as well as enhanced compliance.


To expand client support and business opportunities in global markets, IRI formalized its Corporate Services Group (CSG) in 2022. The formalization of this group keeps the RMI Corporate Registry forward-focused, adaptable, and client-driven. RMI’s reputation for sound legislation, speed of formation, and excellent client services attracts formation specialists from around the world who recognize that a stable but flexible corporate structure can enhance operations.


With 28 offices worldwide, each with local decision-making authority and offering a full range of corporate services, IRI offers unequaled accessibility and efficiency. Common requests such as incorporating a company and issuing certificates associated with already established companies can all be addressed in local time thanks to IRI’s decentralized structure. Each office builds strong local relationships and has a keen understanding of the local and regional markets. The modern and robust legislation of the RMI, such as the Business Corporations Act, and its reputation for streamlined and effective client service, as well as appropriate discretion, has attracted entities looking to go public on major stock exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ.


No matter what the future holds, the RMI Corporate Registry is well-positioned to address the needs and priorities of clients around the world.