Formalizing the Corporate Services Group

6 September 2022

International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) recently formalized its Corporate Services Group (CSG) under the leadership of Theo Xenakoudis. Theo was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer earlier this year to expand client support and business opportunities in markets around the world

The formalized CSG follows the example of IRI’s Maritime Service Group, which gathers throughout the year to focus on items of strategic and long-term importance for the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Registry. The CSG, comprised of corporate team members from around the world, meets to discuss strategic opportunities, procedural improvements, global market forces, and ways to continue maintaining RMI’s high-quality standards. Streamlining compliance requirements has been one of the CSG’s focuses over the last several years.

“The RMI’s reputation for its modern and flexible legislation, ease of formation, and high level of customer service attracts law firms, company formation specialists, and business professionals in major financial centers across the world,” said Theo Xenakoudis. “We’re seeing more and more formation specialists attracted to the RMI, not only for the reasons above, but also the effectiveness with which they can take an RMI business entity public on major stock exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ,” he continued.

The RMI has been assessed by the European Union (EU) as a cooperative jurisdiction that has met all of its commitments and has focused on simplifying compliance with international regulations to streamline the compliance process for clients.

“We want our clients to have the tools necessary to meet regulatory requirements with efficiency,” said Alison Wilson, Senior International Counsel, a member of the CSG leadership team.

Each of IRI’s 28 worldwide offices can provide all range of services, such as incorporating a company, registering a vessel or yacht, recording a financial instrument, assisting on technical matters and/or issuing certificates for vessels and corporations. Improving the accessibility and efficiency of corporate services is a key element of the CSG’s mission.

“The client experience is the same at each of our 28 worldwide offices, and we want the CSG to be a formal platform for information sharing, discussion of best practices, and a place to proactively identify and address areas for improvement,” said Theo.

Denise Francis, Senior Vice President, Corporate, celebrated 35 years with IRI last year and has seen the CSG since its informal infancy.

“We built this worldwide team together and I’m excited to have the CSG formalized in a way that will allow us to elevate our corporate services and plan strategically for the future,” concluded Denise.