Haroula Kastrinaki Retires

27 September 2019

A cornerstone of our Piraeus office, Haroula Kastrinaki, will retire on 30 September 2019. With more than 24 years of service to IRI, Haroula has been instrumental in the development of our corporate business. As one of only three employees in Piraeus in 1995, she not only helped to grow the corporate team to more than 10 employees, but to build strong relationships and bonds at the same time.

Those relationships are a hallmark of Haroula’s time with IRI. She is known for her personal attention and service to clients and colleagues. “I enjoy working with people,” she says. “I enjoy finding solutions, and I get satisfaction in helping people.” As a Corporate Registration Manager, Haroula’s phone is constantly ringing with requests from all over the world. Her personal approach to each client makes these calls feel like being in touch with friends.

That focus on personal attention and relationship development started early in Haroula’s career with IRI. She recalls visiting potential clients in Greece and Cyprus in the mid-nineties, surprising them with face-to-face visits. “No one knew who we were. I went to show them, not just tell them. I earned their trust and respect,” she said. “Now when I go, we are like family.”

That sense of personal connection expands to her colleagues as well as her clients. She also calls IRI a family, with strong bonds and relationships being the reason the team functions so well.

“Haroula has been a dedicated, hard-working, loyal, client-oriented employee who has been instrumental in the growth of the Piraeus office and its client base,” said Theo Xenakoudis, Director, Worldwide Business Operations. “She has been instrumental in developing our Corporate Department in Piraeus and leaves behind a legacy of excellence.”

Haroula expressed her deepest appreciation to the management team for the opportunities she was given throughout her career. “They believed in me and gave me opportunities to expand my role. They did not limit what I could do or how we could develop,” she said.

Since announcing her retirement, Haroula has received good wishes from many colleagues and clients. “Emotionally, it is not easy to say goodbye,” she said.

Sonia Gioula will take over as Manager of the Corporate Department, effective 1 October 2019.