RMI Associations Law and the RMI Yacht Code Seminar Held in Turkey

24 September 2019

IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry hosted a seminar on the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Associations Law and the RMI Yacht Code earlier this month in Istanbul, Turkey.  The event attracted more than 60 maritime and corporate professionals from throughout Turkey and the region. Focused on the opportunities and services available through the RMI’s Corporate and Yacht registries, the event included industry experts and speakers from several IRI offices.

Topics addressed at the conference included detailed information and insight into the RMI Corporate and Yacht Registry programs. Laurence Bousselot, Business Development Manager, Corporate (IRI Geneva) provided an overview of the RMI corporate program.  Emre Ersoy, Senior Associate, Ersoy Bilgehan Lawyers and Consultants, provided insight into RMI companies in finance deals, while Rona Kaspi, Partner, AKT Law Office, answered questions on how the RMI Registry operates. Patrick Bachofner, Director, Geneva Office (IRI Geneva) provided an overview of the RMI Yacht Registry, while Marc Verburg, Fleet Operations Manager, Yachts (IRI Roosendaal) provided insight into RMI yacht technical services. Serhan Büyükdoğan, Partner, Karaman Law Firm addressed regulations affecting yachting in Turkey. 

A lively question and answer discussion followed the presentations. Event photos are available online here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHfUTvN