Working with CSO Alliance

5 January 2017


Company Security Officers (CSOs) have a tall order on their hands including defending over 50,000 merchant marine assets and 1.2 million crew members against organized maritime criminals.

The CSO Alliance is an organization that helps CSOs share information with each other and ensures that seafarers are fully aware of security risks throughout the world. It collects data from all of its member CSOs, ranging from reports on suspected pirate sightings to cargo theft, and logging criminal activity all over the world.

CSO Alliance’s growing database of criminal activity and online briefing routines are delivering effective industry support, saving CSOs time and their companies money.

A free trial of the system will be made available to all CSOs of Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) flagged vessels.

“The creation of a community of CSOs able to share information and participate in regular online briefings is an excellent initiative and one which I would encourage all companies to participate in. It is great that operators of RMI flagged vessels have an opportunity to sign up for a free trial of their system,” said John Ramage, Chief Operating Officer, IRI.

CSOs and Alternate CSOs of RMI flagged vessels can sign up for more information on the free trial membership here.