Educating the Next Generation of Seafarers

22 August 2022

As we look for the next generation of leaders in maritime, we look for innovators, creative thinkers, and a diverse set of skills to take the industry into the future. International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) support educational opportunities around the globe that introduce students and young people to careers in maritime. With 28 offices worldwide, our team interacts with students from diverse backgrounds and areas, building connections, and helping to develop the next generation of maritime professionals.

Located in the heart of Greece’s maritime industry, IRI’s Piraeus office actively supports maritime programs and universities around the Eastern Mediterranean. Captain Theodore Lalas, Fleet Operations Manager is an active participant around the region, speaking frequently to students at business schools, maritime academies, and more. IRI is a long-term supporter of the educational initiative and Captain Lalas has presented to students at merchant marine academies in different areas in Greece, as well as in Cyprus, with For many of these students, it is the first time they are exposed to the operations and responsibilities of a flag State and ship registry. This year, Captain Lalas also spoke at the Deere College Business Week, a student led business initiative.

Working with younger students, IRI is also an active supporter and scholarship provider of the Tsakos Enhanced Education Nautical School (TEENS) on the Greek island of Chios. TEENS is the first private, nonprofit Nautical High School in Greece and welcomes teens for a three-year course of study. TEENS also offers an adult program for those wishing to transition to a career in maritime. On the other side of the Atlantic, IRI President Bill Gallagher is an avid supporter of educating teens about careers in maritime in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, and other charter schools on the east coast of the United States. Baltimore, with its rich maritime history, was one of the first cities to establish a specialized maritime high school program in the country.

Supporting the next generation of seafarers and maritime professionals also means learning from the past. IRI is a proud supporter of the building of a new United States Coast Guard (USCG) National Coast Guard Museum at the USCG Academy in New London, Connecticut, which broke ground 19 August 2022.

The next generation of maritime professionals and seafarers are learning skills for a rapidly innovating industry and IRI is proud to support educational initiatives that expose students to the wide variety of maritime careers.