BROADWAY Receives 2023 IMO Honors for Exceptional Bravery at Sea

13 September 2023

Captain Oleg Gudkov and the crew of the oil/chemical tanker BROADWAY, operated by Interunity Management Corporation, S.A., received special commendation from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Assembly for their role in the rescue of 44 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea in January 2023.  IRI President Bill Gallagher and Chief Commercial Officer Theo Xenakoudis presented the certificate at Interunity Management Corporation S.A.’s office in Greece in September 2023.

While underway in the Mediterranean Sea, Captain Oleg Gudkov received notification from Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) Rome of a vessel in distress with several individuals on board. BROADWAY immediately deviated course to the provided position of the distressed vessel. Upon arrival, Captain Oleg Gudkov confirmed the situation and coordinated with MRCC Rome who then instructed BROADWAY to stand by until a rescue vessel arrived. However, Captain Oleg Gudkov determined that the deteriorating sea conditions and coming nightfall posed significant risk to the individuals on board the distressed vessel. In coordination with MRCC Rome, the Crew of BROADWAY lowered the rescue boat and over a two-hour period safely rescued all 44 individuals from the distressed vessel. Once on board, the individuals were provided medical assessment, food, and water. MRCC Rome then coordinated a rendezvous location with a rescue vessel and all 44 rescued individuals were safely transferred.

A second Certificate of Commendation was presented to Interunity Management Corporation, S.A. at the same meeting in recognition of the actions of Captain Mikheil Tsintsadze and the Crew of CHEM PATRIOT, which rescued an individual from a capsized sailing vessel in the Caribbean Sea.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator congratulates Captain Oleg Gudkov, Captain Mikheil Tsintsadze, and the crews of BROADWAY and CHEM PATRIOT for their exemplary commitment to the safety of life at sea which is one of the finest traditions at sea.