RMI Associations Law: Digital Signatures for Corporations

23 February 2024

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registrar of Corporations for Non-resident Domestic Entities published regulations allowing for the use of digital signatures on any document or instrument filed under the Associations Law. The Digital Signature Regulations, 2024 came into force 15 February 2024.

The regulations clarify that an “electronically transmitted signature” includes a digital signature affixed to a document and verified by a Trust Service Provider. These regulations align the RMI Associations Law with 2023 changes to the RMI Maritime Act and Regulations allowing for digital signatures on documents filed or recorded under the RMI Maritime Act.

“These regulations create a framework for the RMI Corporate Registry to offer new options to clients who want to take advantage of modern technology and digital tools,” said Alison Wilson, Senior International Counsel and Head of Office, Long Beach. “While traditional paper options still exist, digital signatures offer clients the benefit of faster transaction times, streamlined operations, improved transparency about the transaction process, and overall enhancement to the client experience,” she continued.

Digital signatures are widely accepted by international banks and financial institutions within their domestic legal framework to facilitate client services and transactions.