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International Registries, Inc.'s (IRI) Seafarers' Documentation (SD) issues Officer Certificates, Special Qualification Certificates (SQCs) and Seafarer Identification and Record Books (SIRBs) to qualified applicants. Issue is based either on acceptance of recognized national certificates or through passing of  Republic of the Marshall Islands examinations. Current fees are listed in Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification (MI-118) and Filing Agents Manual (MI-280).

As a service to the international maritime industry, the Office of the Maritime Administrator for the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) provides an online officer/seafarer database which may be searched by maritime authorities, shipowners/operators and crewing agents to verify the validity of Marshall Islands certificates.

SD also issues Minimum Safe Manning Certificates and crew dispensations. Once a vessel is accepted for registration, an Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (
MI-336) for merchant vessels or an Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate—MODU (MI-336MODU) for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) is sent to SD. The application is evaluated and the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate is completed and forwarded to the office conducting the closing procedures.

Crew dispensations are handled on a case-by-case basis and require the vessel's owner, operator or Master to request the dispensation by fax or email, detailing the reasons for the dispensation. After hours requests can be made to our 24-hour maritime emergency personnel at or +1-703-476-3762.

Applicants for an Officer’s Certificate at the management level must sign an Affidavit/Acknowledgment (
MI-105, located on page 2) that they have read publication MI-105A, Familiarization with the National Maritime Legislation. These applicants include Master and Chief Mate applicants for service on board ships of 500 gross tonnage (GT) or more, as well as Chief Engineer and First Assistant Engineer applicants for service on board ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 750 kW propulsion power or more and the Offshore Installation Manager on MODUs.

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