International Registries, Inc. providing support to the Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators

The following is a list of advantages to working with the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Registry (the Registry):

  • IRI has over 60 years of experience administering maritime and corporate programs
  • Decentralized operations provide customers with 24-hour service from IRI's 28 worldwide offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States
  • International lending institutions and shipbuilders have confidence in the RMI vessel registration, documentation, and preferred ship mortgage and financing charter recordation standards and procedures
  • The RMI has adopted groundbreaking legislation that permits the registration of a vessel that is still subject to a recorded mortgage in its present country of registry. This legislation provides for the continuation of the preferred status of the mortgage without interruption; thus,the  foreign mortgage lien accompanies the vessel into the Registry
  • Assistance and technical support are available from a staff of qualified and experience mariners, naval architects, surveyors, nautical inspectors, marine safety, and environmental protection specialists, shipping company administrators, radio specialists, and casualty investigators
  • Inquiries receive prompt responses and owners and operators may communicate directly with the Registry
  • A worldwide network of Nautical Inspectors conducts in-port inspections and responds to owner and operator needs. IRI’s inspection and follow-up program supports vessel operation efforts in meeting international standards
  • An information network of Marine Safety Advisories is distributed to apprise owners and operators of changes to international shipping regulations, security bulletins, and Port State Control (PSC) activities to help avoid unnecessary delays and compliance problems
  • Active delegation and a permanent representative at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that participates in all of the committee and subcommittee meetings
  • Maritime Services Group that is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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