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In addition to the requisite legal documents and government approvals, the RMI Yacht Registry places a high emphasis on the safe condition of the yacht at the time of registration and while registered in the RMI. All yachts are subject to a pre-registration vetting. General documentation requirements for the registration of a yacht include the following:


  • Application for Yacht Registration (MI-101Y).
  • Proof of Authority of Agent executing registration documents (e.g., Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions that incorporate a Power of Attorney).
  • Proof of Ownership, such as a Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate.
  • Proof that yacht is free of recorded liens or encumbrances.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance, including owner’s repatriation obligations.
  • Permission to Transfer or Cancellation Certificate issued by the registry from which the vessel is being transferred.
  • National Tonnage Certificate for yachts of less than 24m issued by a Classification Society or AR (a simplified method of measurement provided in Annex 4 of the Code may be used for all yachts less than 24m).
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC) for yachts 24m or greater issued by a Classification Society or AR.
  • Certificate of Insurance or Other Financial Security in Respect of Liability for the Removal of Wrecks (WRLC) for all yachts 300 GT or more.
  • Certificate of Insurance or Other Financial Security in Respect of the Bunkers Convention (CLBC) for all yachts greater than 1,000 GT.
  • Yachts must comply with relevant national and international requirements (see MI-103A for additional guidance).


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