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International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) provide administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime and Corporate Registries. IRI has been administering maritime and corporate programs and involved in flag State administration since 1948. The RMI Registry is fully committed to the safety and security of personnel ashore and afloat, the Registry’s vessels and the marine environment. IRI has an excellent reputation within the international business community and will continue to be at the forefront of vessel and corporate registration.

IRI is the world’s most experienced, privately held maritime and corporate registry service provider, specializing in the needs of the shipping and financial services industries across a broad commercial and economic spectrum. Headquartered just outside of Washington, DC in Reston, Virginia USA, IRI operates 28 offices in major shipping and financial centers around the world. A complete list of IRI's worldwide offices can be found here.


The RMI Registry program was initiated by the RMI Government in 1988. With the adoption of the RMI Maritime Act of 1990, the maritime laws of the RMI were aligned with the many changes in ship registration, financing, and seafarers’ licensing and documentation which had occurred in the shipping industry. The RMI Registry is currently the second largest registry in the world. Vessel types include, but are not limited to, tank ships; liquefied natural gas (LNG)/gas carriers; bulk carriers; container ships; offshore drilling, production, and service units; passenger vessels; and yachts. IRI’s network of worldwide offices has the ability to register a vessel or yacht, including those under construction, record a mortgage or financing charter, incorporate a company, and service clientele.


A flag State has certain rules and requirements for vessels that fly its flag, and also has the primary responsibility for ensuring that its vessels meet all established national and international requirements. Major requirements may include crew nationality, crew composition, and ship building requirements, among others. The RMI Maritime Administrator provides comprehensive maritime expertise and administrative services, which include:

Vessel/Yacht Registration
• Mortgage and Lease Financing Recordation and Documentation
• Vessel Inspection
• Radio Station Licensing
• Officer and Crew Examination/Certification
• Seafarers’ Identification and Record Books
• Technical Assistance
• Investigations
• Information Provided on Maritime Regulations and Port Activities

Rapid technological advancements and a growing concern for the world’s marine environment have resulted in ships being replaced and systems upgraded. At the same time, maritime accidents have led to stricter national and international regulations on shipping. This has further increased the demand for better-trained crews and more sophisticated safety systems.


Thanks to its unparalleled customer service philosophy and excellent reputation as a leading maritime registry, the RMI is the jurisdiction of choice for professionals around the world. In particular, the RMI Corporate Registry is experiencing tremendous success as one of the leading jurisdictions for initial public offerings (IPOs) on major stock exchanges. A significant and growing number of RMI business entities are publicly traded on financial exchanges worldwide. There are many unique advantages for the investor, vessel/yacht owner, or international business person forming business entities in the RMI, including both Registrar and Registered Agent services. Each IRI office has the ability to incorporate a company, issue a Certificate of Good Standing, register a vessel or yacht, including those under construction, record a mortgage or financing charter, and service clientele. The RMI Corporate Registry is recognized worldwide by law firms, company formation specialists, and business professionals in major financial centers for its modern and flexible legislation, ease of formation, and high level of customer service.


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