Rear Admiral Kevin S. Cook, USCG (Retired)

Maritime Consultant

Rear Admiral (RADM) Kevin Cook retired in 2015 after a wide-ranging career in the United States Coast Guard (USCG). He is bringing his expertise to the private sector through Cook Maritime Solutions, LLC, a consultancy company established to focus on maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance. In January of 2016, RADM Cook joined IRI as a Maritime Consultant. During his career, RADM Cook continually advanced through escalating levels of responsibilities within the USCG’s national and regional headquarters, and in shipboard and maritime safety assignments culminating with command of the Eighth District, a 26 state region, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. There, he regulated maritime industries and facilitated maritime commerce within the nation’s most intense region for shipping; petrochemical production and offshore exploration and production. RADM Cook previously served as the USCG’s national Director of Prevention Policy, responsible for many of the international and domestic regulations in support of safety, security, environmental protection, mariner licensing, and waterways management.  In an earlier assignment, he served as the Chief of the Hazardous Materials Division where he specialized in mitigating the risks of shipping oils, chemicals, and liquefied gases; including lead for delegations to the International Maritime Organization. In the field, he held a variety of positions including Captain of the Port for the Houston-Galveston area of operations. Additionally, he served as the National Incident Commander’s senior representative to BP headquarters for oversight of well containment activities in the DEEPWATER HORIZON response. RADM Cook has six years of shipboard experience onboard three Coast Guard cutters: MADRONA as a deck watch officer; BITTERSWEET as the Executive Officer; and COWSLIP as the Commanding Officer. A native of Freehold, New Jersey, he is a graduate of the USCG Academy with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ocean Engineering. RADM Cook also earned a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University. He is a graduate of the United States Army War College, and later served a one-year appointment as the USCG Fellow to Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group. Additionally, he has been recognized by the National Propeller Club as the Port of Houston Maritime Person of the Year, and by the Seamen’s Church Institute for Career Distinguished Service.