Marius Molvær

Maritime Advisor

Mr. Molvær joined IRI in January 2021 as a Maritime Advisor based in Oslo, Norway. He had the unique opportunity to conduct two internships with IRI while earning his MSc. In 2018 he interned with the New York downtown office and then in 2020 he interned with the Piraeus office where he was integrated into all aspects of the Maritime Services Group’s activities. From the years 2013-2019, and while completing his MSc, he held the position of able bodied seafarer for Sølvtrans Rederi AS, which is the largest shipping company globally serving the aquaculture industry. During his time at sea, Mr. Molvær worked on many of the vessels in the fleet and sailed in Norway, United Kingdom, Chile, and Tasmania, working primarily with the transport and treatment of live salmon. Mr. Molvær earned his MSc in Shipping Management from Alba Graduate Business School in Athens, Greece and his BSc in Shipping and Logistics from the University of South-Eastern Norway. He is an active member of Youngship Oslo (YSO) where he serves on both the Young@Nor-Shipping Committee and Events Committee.