John Gallagher

Senior Vice President, Client Relations

Mr. Gallagher joined IRI in October 2015 as Senior Vice President, Client Relations. Mr. Gallagher retired from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) after a 34 year career which he began in 1981 as a surveyor assigned to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During his career at ABS, he held positions in each of the ABS divisions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. His responsibilities included business development and oversight of survey offices and stations, most recently holding the position of Corporate Vice President – Client Management and Global Transfer of Class Activities. Mr. Gallagher was elected to be Trustee of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) Foundation and was invited to serve as a member of the MMA International Maritime Business (IMB) Advisory Board in 2016. The MMA IMB Advisory Board serves as a professional development advisory body for the IMB undergraduate program at MMA. The Board supports international maritime business development, cooperative learning opportunities, career placement and employment networking, undergraduate program support, and undergraduate student recruitment. He is a member of the Society of Marine Port Engineers, New York Maritime Inc., the Connecticut Maritime Association, the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers, the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, and is an Honorary Member of the Marine Society of New York. Mr. Gallagher holds a B.S. in Marine Engineering and a USCG Engineer’s License Steam and Diesel Unlimited Horsepower from the MMA and a M.S. in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island.