RMI CSCC Meeting Held in Annapolis

4 January 2024

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry’s annual Classification Society Consultative Committee (CSCC) meeting was held in December 2023 in Annapolis, Maryland. Recognized Organizations (ROs) from around the world were present both virtually and in person, totaling 50 Classification Society (Class) and Registry representatives. RMI representatives from the Baltimore/Annapolis, Busan, Ft. Lauderdale, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Long Beach, Piraeus, Reston, and Roosendaal offices participated in the meeting in-person, while additional Registry representatives from London and Mumbai joined virtually alongside several Class representatives.

The annual CSCC meeting focuses on the technical aspects of the fleet, ensuring that all parties and stakeholders effectively communicate to provide the highest-level of service to clients. ROs act on behalf of the RMI Maritime Administrator (the “Administrator”) by providing plan approval, survey, and certification services that facilitate meeting the Administrator’s statutory obligations. All commercial vessels flagged with the RMI are required to be classed by an RO.

The meeting opened with introductions and an update on the RMI Registry before addressing action items from the previous meetings and procedural matters. The meeting continued with a presentation on Engine Power Limitation (EPL) or Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) specifications and notifications to the flag, as well as a regulatory administration update and information on the RO Agreement. After lunch the meeting continued with updates from several departments including fleet operations, investigations, and radio. An in-depth discussion on renewable energy and other technical matters ended the presentations. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the CSCC annual meetings is the opportunity for open discussion and information sharing.

With international regulatory change on the horizon, meetings that foster open dialogue and strong professional relationships between the flag State and the Administrator’s ROs acting on its behalf will continue to support the RMI Registry’s reputation for high-quality support and excellent customer service.