Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries at the End of 2023

9 January 2024

IRI has reached several milestones thanks to our talented team of dedicated professionals worldwide. At the end of 2023, we celebrated five outstanding professionals who have served alongside us for more than two decades.
Celebrating 25 years in 2023 are: Tanya Lawson, Vice President, Corporate and Pam Luc, Accounts Payable Supervisor, both based in Reston; Eddie Beinat, who handles grounds keeping in the Majuro office; and Stella Vatista, Seafarers’ Documentation Manager in Piraeus. Anthony Crowe, Accounting Clerk in the Reston office celebrated 20 years with IRI in 2023.

Tanya Lawson is known for her competent, diplomatic, and upbeat style of interaction. She began her tenure with the company as Corporate Specialist and rose to the rank of Assistant Vice President, Corporate shortly after completing her paralegal certification at Georgetown University in 2006. In 2017 she was promoted to Vice President, Corporate. Denise Francis, Senior Vice President, Corporate commented, “I have worked as a direct supervisor to Tanya for 25 years and can honestly say that she has immeasurable worth as an employee. Her 25th anniversary is a testimony of her loyalty to IRI. Tanya is recognized not only for her trustworthy diligence, but also her ability to build long-term relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry stakeholders.” Tanya’s unshakeable sense of responsibility and competency enable her to work closely with professional firms worldwide earning the trust and confidence of clients.

Eddie Beinat was originally hired by the construction company that built The Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Inc. (TCMI) building in Majuro. Over the years, Eddie has been promoted to a full-time day staff role and has assumed maintenance responsibilities for the facility. Baron Bigler, Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs and manager of the TCMI office describes Eddie as “loyal, punctual, and hard working; he is a valuable member of the TCMI family who is dedicated to his work.”

Pam Luc joined IRI as a staff accountant in 1998 in the Reston office and was promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor in 2001. She is well regarded for her positive attitude and company knowledge. Accounting Supervisor Karen Pearson describes Pam’s greatest assets as her work ethic and wealth of company knowledge. “Pam is trustworthy and takes pride in her job responsibilities and her team,” noted Karen.

Stella Vatista started her career in IRI’s Piraeus office as a Vessel Administration Specialist. In 2007, she was promoted to Seafarers’ Documentation Manager and today her skills and leadership as a supervisor have strengthened the seafarers’ documentation team. The John Xenakoudis, General Manager of the Piraeus office noted that “even in the midst of challenges Stella is dedicated to delivering high quality results and maintaining a positive work environment. She acts as a role model for her colleagues due to her admirable work ethic and her collaborative spirit.”

Anthony Crowe started in Reston with a part-time role in the Accounting Department in 2003. Since being promoted to a full-time Accounting Clerk, Anthony has earned a reputation as an innovator. Accounting Supervisor Karen Pearson notes that “Anthony’s ability to think outside the box makes him a valuable asset to the company.” This creativity allows him to improve company processes, and he has earned the title as a “Jack of all Trades” for his ability to problem solve. His friendly personality makes him an effective communicator and teacher to both clients and colleagues.

IRI recognizes that its strength is in its worldwide team of dedicated professionals. Please join us in celebrating those team members who celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2023.