Making it Easy to Register a Small Yacht

17 June 2020
Yacht team USA

Focused on simplifying the registration procedures for yachts under 24 meters (m), the RMI has made changes to the under 24m program. The application is now a single, streamlined form that also contains the Declaration of Private Use—Not for Hire. This declaration, which was previously a separate document, requires owners to confirm that their boat will not be engaged in charters or commercial use; and to acknowledge their responsibility to meet certain safety and environmental pollution prevention measures. Provided all documentation is correct, the registration process can be completed within one working day, and for a flat fee.

“The ‘less than 24 meters’ market is a dynamic segment,” said Ionna Hernandez, Business Development Manager, Yachts of IRI’s Fort Lauderdale office. “We worked very hard to develop a registration program that was fit-for-purpose: we made it easy to register, operate, and maintain smaller yachts, while ensuring the highest standards of safety and best practices. Now, following a rigorous process of review and consultation, we have simplified the process even further, and made the process as self-contained as possible. This saves documentation agencies a considerable amount of time and reduces costs for their clients—making it altogether easier for people to enjoy their yachts.”

Under the program, private yachts of 12m or more but less than 24m in length and less than 20 years of age are no longer required to undergo a pre-registration inspection. The program was developed to recognize the distinct requirements of this segment of the yachting market.

“This is an increasingly popular program and has brought us into line with other major registries, including the United States, Cayman Islands, and British Virgin Islands, underpinned with the standards of quality and service that the RMI is known for,”  Hernandez added.

However, all private yachts older than 20 years of age are still required to undergo a preregistration inspection by either an Appointed Representative  or a Qualified Individual. All boats registered under the program are issued with an electronic certificate that contains a Quick Response Code (QR) code that can be verified by port State control authorities.

Hernandez explained: “While we are focused on developing solutions that meet the needs of yacht owners, safety and compliance remain at the forefront. In developing this program, and more recently, in simplifying the application process itself, we have left no stone unturned in making sure our processes are designed to promote safe operations.

We follow the exceptionally stringent due diligence requirements that apply to the RMI Maritime and Corporate Registries, which means that behind the scenes on our end, a lot of work is done by our team to ensure absolute compliance with all rules and regulations, and complete transparency throughout the registration process. As a service provider, our goal is to make life as simple as possible for our clients—as a team, we always go the extra mile to ensure that the requirements on their time are kept to a minimum, and that the process is  stress-free.”

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