IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry's Region I Offices Hold Biannual Meeting

25 January 2018

From left to right: Winton Porter (Hong Kong), Richard Dias (Hong Kong), Shawn Tan (Singapore), Captain Kim (Seoul), Annie Ng (Hong Kong), Captain Ming Chen (Dalian), Sascha Dyker (Malaysia), Captain Greg Copley (Hong Kong), Okamoto Masaharu (Tokyo)


IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry’s Region 1 biannual meeting was held on Friday, 19 January 2018 in Hong Kong.

The meeting was attended by Annie Ng (Hong Kong), Captain Kim (Seoul), Okamoto Masaharu (Tokyo), Captain Chen Ming (Dalian), Shawn Tan (Singapore), Sascha Dyker (Malaysia), Richard Dias (Hong Kong), Captain Greg Copley (Hong Kong), Ryan Cheuk (Hong Kong) and Winton Porter (Hong Kong).

The full day meeting allowed each department to give an overview of their results for 2017, as well as outline their respective goals for 2018.

Annie Ng also discussed many of the topics raised at IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry’s Maritime Services Group (MSG) meeting, which was held in Reston, VA, USA earlier in the month. She discussed the strategy for 2018, which includes focusing on providing the best service possible to clients via the eight (8) offices and 88 employees in Asia.

The meeting was concluded with a dinner at the famous floating seafood restaurant in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

From left to right: Richard Dias (Hong Kong), Shawn Tan (Singapore), Captain Kim (Seoul), Captain Ming Chen (Dalian), Annie Ng (Hong Kong), Okamoto Masaharu (Tokyo), Sascha Dyker (Malaysia), Captain Greg Copley (Hong Kong), Winton Porter (Hong Kong)