Annual Yacht Meeting Connects Departments

3 April 2023

IRI’s global yacht team came together for an annual yacht meeting in March 2023. The meeting, which was held virtually, included IRI’s managing partners and other departments within IRI that are involved with yacht operations, including: legal, radio, regulatory affairs, and more. Representatives from Baltimore/Annapolis, Ft. Lauderdale, Geneva, Istanbul, London, Long Beach, Monaco, Piraeus, Reston, and Roosendaal attended the meeting. This wider meeting allowed the global yacht team to coordinate, discuss, and strategically prioritize projects for the next year, ensuring seamless partnership between departments.


Patrick Bachofner, Director, Geneva Office and Worldwide Director, Yachts, opened the meeting with a 2022 Year in Review, highlighting new registrations and some of the innovative and unique yachts in the Registry. In addition to a yacht market overview, the meeting also included a discussion of several fleet operations topics, from MLC, 2006 to sea trial requirements. Coordinating inspections and keeping yacht owners and captains aware of regulatory changes and requirements, the global yacht team provides comprehensive client service to yachts of any size. The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Yacht Registry includes vessels under 24 meters to some of the largest gigayachts on the water, from new builds to 100-year-old vessels, and those with a wide range of innovative and advanced technologies. The sheer variety of vessels in the RMI Yacht Registry requires the yacht team to stay on top of developments in yachting, as well as those on the commercial side of the industry, where there is often technical overlap. Close relationships between departments have proven immensely supportive to the Registry’s yacht owners and captains, ensuring access to a wide range of technical experts.