Patrick Bachofner

Director, Geneva Office and Worldwide Director, Yachts

Mr. Bachofner joined IRI as Business Development Manager in May 2008 to open the Registry’s office in Geneva, was promoted to Director, Business Development in January of 2011, and Director, Geneva Office in December 2017. In February 2020, Patrick was appointed Worldwide Director, Yachts. Throughout the past decade, Patrick has built a strongly international career in several business sectors including the maritime industry. After growing up in both French and German sections of Switzerland, he attended university in the United States which led to a position with Deloitte. He then moved back to Geneva where he joined Japan Tobacco, allowing him to thoroughly explore the Asian markets. Prior to joining IRI, Patrick’s most recent position was with Hewlett-Packard where he held senior financial roles and managed cross-functional projects. He graduated cum laude from Babson College in Boston with a degree in Finance and Economics. His experience at sea includes sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with only one other crewmember.