Maritime Emergencies Only

To be used only in the event of a maritime EMERGENCY or to make initial notification of a marine casualty, marine incident, or security incident. This email address is monitored 24/7. In addition, you may call +1 571 441 1885.



For inquiries pertaining to MARITIME accounts receivable. This includes vessel and yacht invoices related to seafarers, investigations, inspections, registrations, radio station licensing, and management systems certification.


E-record Books

For inquiries pertaining to MARPOL electronic record book declaration requests.



For inquiries pertaining to vessel safety inspections (excluding mobile offshore units).



For inquiries pertaining to Mobile Offshore Unit safety inspections.


Inventory of Hazardous Materials

For information on the requirements for developing, maintaining, surveying, and certifying an Inventory of Hazardous Materials for ships.



For follow-up relating to marine casualties, marine incidents, occurrences, or offenses; as well as for other inquiries relating to marine investigations (excluding security).


Maritime Inquiries

For other maritime inquiries that do not fall into any of the stated maritime categories.


Maritime Security

For inquiries pertaining to the ISPS Code, piracy, LONOs for Armed Security Personnel (PMSC/PCASP/VPD), Ship Security Advisories, and the reporting of security incidents (e.g., stowaways, armed robbery at sea, illegal boarding).


Notice of Arrival

For ALL Notices of Arrival in United States Ports.


No Corruption

If a vessel encounters a corrupt practice in port and would like to report it to the Administrator (use form MI-360).



For inquiries pertaining to the ordering of Oil Record Books, Cargo Record Books, and Articles of Agreement.



For inquiries pertaining to radio communications, radio station licensing, or vessel tracking issues.



For general inquiries regarding vessel registration and verification of ship’s documents. For specific inquiries pertaining to vessel transactions including notifications of ship management changes, instrument recordation’s, please contact your regional office directly.


Regulatory Affairs

For inquiries pertaining to IMO and ILO regulatory issues.



For inquiries pertaining to any type of VESSEL (excluding yachts) related seafarer documentation, minimum safe manning issues, or MLC, 2006 complaints.



For inquiries pertaining to any type of VESSEL (excluding yachts) technical matter, statutory compliance, survey issue, or ISM Code related items. This also includes any requests for dispensations, service extensions, issuance of short-term statutory certificates, exemptions, equivalencies, etc.