RMI Establishes Worldwide Gas Team

30 July 2018

The RMI Registry, the second largest registry in the world and the largest registry of gas carriers, has established a Worldwide Gas Team (the “Team”) comprised of experts in the design, technical management, inspection, and commercial operation of gas carriers. This new group is a response to the recent growth, both in number and vessel type, in the transportation and processing of liquified gases.

Due to the technological developments taking place in gas shipping, new international regulations have been put in place regarding the design and construction of gas ships and equipment in order to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, and the marine environment. In any marine sector, new regulatory requirements can be complex and expensive for owners to adhere to. This can be especially true in a space like gas shipping, where new technological developments create an environment that is constantly evolving, and owners must be prepared to respond to these changes with costly updates to their vessels.

The Team is a comprehensive group, made up of experts chosen for their ability to provide guidance from inspection and registration to technical issues and regulatory challenges, and is located worldwide. The Team is headed by Eric Linsner, IRI’s LNG/LPG Specialist who has extensive experience in LNG design and operations. Other key members of the Team include:

  • Jason Clifton-Samuel, Safety & Technical Manager, London
  • Jasbir Jaspal, Senior Maritime Advisor, Reston
  • Kevin Cook, Maritime Consultant, Reston
  • Warren Kedenburg, LNG Advisor, Kobe
  • Steven Garcia, Flag State Specialist, Houston
  • J. Person, Flag State Inspector, London
  • Joseph McKeown, Vice President, Technical & Marine Safety

This level of expertise in the gas carrier sector is unique to the RMI Registry and demonstrates its dedication to providing the resources that owners and operators require. The RMI Registry is committed to leading the way as a technologically capable and qualified registry and is excited to grow with its owners and operators in this expanding field.