Marshall Islands Flags the World’s First Hybrid Platform Supply Vessels

29 March 2021

The world’s first hybrid Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) have chosen to fly the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) flag in a nod to RMI’s commitment to sustainable shipping practices. SEACOR AMAZON, SEACOR NILE, SEACOR PARANÁ, SEACOR CONGO, SEACOR MURRAY, and SEACOR DEMERARA, delivered to the SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc. group (SEACOR Marine) between January 2019 and late 2020, are the first new build hybrid PSVs built and delivered in Asia, and registered under the RMI flag.

For more than a decade, International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI), which provide administrative and technical support to the RMI maritime and corporate registries, have invested in hiring technical experts worldwide to support the industry’s move toward decarbonization and alternative fuels. IRI’s commitment to advancing sustainable shipping practices has produced several innovative collaborations that may help reduce humankind’s impact on the fragile marine environment. From registering the first wind powered ultramax in 2018 to registering significant numbers of LNG tankers, supporting implementation of advanced energy consumption technologies, and consulting on innovative ship design, IRI technical experts advise, support, and assist RMI owners and shipyards worldwide in implementing technology to reduce shipping’s environmental impact.

The RMI Registry is committed to green shipping initiatives because such practices can have a positive impact on our environment and are also good for business. Strong market demand for sustainable and green vessels is driving market change around the world, well in advance of regulatory requirements. For example, charterers, recognizing the reduced environmental impact of SEACOR Marine’s PSVs, entered into long-term charter agreements for these PSVs upon delivery from the shipyard. These hybrid PSVs demonstrate SEACOR Marine’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and its focus on providing an energy-efficient fleet focused on environmentally sustainable practices.

Inside the SEACOR Marine Hybrid PSV Initiative

In 2013, SEACOR Marine launched a hybrid PSV initiative to evaluate a hybrid development program for its fleet of modern diesel electric PSVs. This initiative was positively received within the maritime industry, and in 2015, SEACOR Marine joined with DNV, BG Group, LithiumStart, DRS Technologies, ABB, and Samsung Heavy Industries to evaluate the savings in fuel and reductions in emission achievable by the use of hybrid technology working in conjunction with the vessels’ existing diesel electric plant. Using data captured aboard a PSV, SEACOR Marine decided to upgrade four diesel electric PSVs to hybrid propulsion.  The initial results were even more successful than originally planned, and SEACOR Marine made the decision to design and deliver an additional six vessels in conjunction with Rolls Royce, Corvus, Kongsberg, DNV, and COSCO Heavy Shipbuilding. These six vessels are all registered under the RMI flag.

SEACOR Marine strongly supports the move to a lower-carbon economy over the coming decades and strives to be part of the solution by providing a suite of sustainable, reliable, and efficient transport services to sustain offshore energy facilities worldwide. SEACOR Marine is continually adapting its business to adjust to the changing landscape and has increased its focus on reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, supporting alternative energy sources, and using new technologies to achieve “greener” operations and reduce environmental impacts. Further information on SEACOR Marine can be found at