IRI Teams Collaborate at Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale

28 July 2022

More than 40 attendees from around the world gathered at International Registries, Inc.’s (IRI’s) Ft. Lauderdale office to attend a 3-day nautical inspector, auditor, and duty officer / maritime emergencies seminar, and management systems certification meetings in late July. The seminar, the first large-scale in-person internal seminar since COVID-19, brought together IRI team members, inspectors, fleet operations managers, management systems certification managers and auditors, and investigators. Also included were regional managers from Baltimore / Annapolis, Busan, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Long Beach, Piraeus, Reston, Roosendaal, and Rio de Janeiro. The theme of the seminar was consistency in operations, communication, and collaboration.

The seminar focused on IRI’s commitment to three key tenants: quality, compliance, and value, with discussions on IRI’s global efforts to review, audit, and address potential areas of concern. IRI is focused on customer service and providing value. Taking advantage of having inspectors and team members from around the world together, the seminar was a platform for information sharing, building relationships and understanding, and increasing competencies through the experiences of others. With 28 offices worldwide and inspectors and auditors stationed in major ports around the world, the RMI Registry provides local customer service from a global support network. The seminar underscored the team mentality of the Registry – that each inspection is an opportunity to educate, collaborate, and problem solve with the owner/operator and crew to maintain and improve the quality of the fleet.