Corporate Services Group (CSG) Meets in Reston

16 February 2023

The first CSG meeting of 2023, chaired by Chief Commercial Officer Theo Xenakoudis, was held in Reston, Virginia in late January 2023. The hybrid meeting was attended in-person by representatives from Fort Lauderdale, London, Long Beach, New York, Piraeus, Reston, Vancouver, and Zurich. Additional representatives from Geneva, Istanbul, Piraeus, Shanghai, Singapore, and Vancouver offices attended virtually.

The CSG focuses on strategic opportunities, procedural improvement, global market forces, and maintaining the Republic of the Marshall Island’s (RMI’s) high-quality standards. Comprised of corporate team members from around the world, the CSG has focused on streamlining compliance requirements in the last few years. This focus led to the formalization of the group in early 2022.

The meeting highlighted the diversity and depth of the CSG, with presentations on Corporate Documentation, Legal Updates, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Trade Compliance, Digitalization Tools and Solutions, and an open discussion. Several regional offices presented at the meeting as well, outlining opportunities, challenges, and areas of focus for their regions.