15 Years of Evolution and Advancement in Hamburg

29 December 2022

Like the city itself, IRI’s Hamburg office has evolved to meet the demands of a changing maritime market in the last 15 years. First opened in 2007, the office initially handled vessel registration and mortgage recordings with a team of two. It quickly expanded to handle regional business development, and by 2013, marine safety and technical services had been added as well.

“Hamburg is a historic maritime hub, but one that continues to grow, develop, and expand,” noted IRI President Bill Gallagher. “When we opened the office in Hamburg, we knew it would be important for building our business and reputation in Germany, but we could not have anticipated how diverse the maritime sector in Hamburg would become.”

From a predominately ship owning and shipbuilding hub, Hamburg’s maritime sector has diversified in the past 15 years, and now includes a significant number of financial institutions, high-quality equipment manufacturers, and solutions providers.

“The needs of the Hamburg market shifted as the sector diversified and we saw increased interest in mortgage recordations and registration renewals in our office,” noted Gunnar Georgs, Regional Manager. Gunnar joined the office in April 2008, soon after it opened, and has been instrumental in expanding the services of the office while supporting new regional office openings across Europe.

The local market shift has been supported by the Hamburg team, which works closely with attorneys, banks, investment houses, and local financial institutions across the country and within Europe.

“The local sector has changed considerably, and not just in the segments driving Hamburg’s maritime industry. Our team in Hamburg works closely with regional partners to support clients in Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and Poland. Hamburg has become a true regional nexus for maritime activity,” Gunnar said.

Close local and regional partnerships, and the depth of IRI’s international team allow the Hamburg office to serve as an expert resource for clients, providing knowledgeable and competent technical support and guidance even in cutting edge areas such as alternative energies and sustainability. Gunnar and his team travel extensively throughout Northern Europe, frequently meeting with clients in Copenhagen and beyond.

“We are a valued partner in our clients’ businesses, and they lean heavily on RMI as a flag State to offer expert guidance, interpretation, and technical support,” Gunnar stated. “With 28 worldwide offices, and close relationships worldwide, IRI can meet with clients face-to-face and discuss trends, offer technical expertise, and specialized solutions that no other foreign flag can provide. More and more clients recognize the exceptional value in having a local office with strong international support,” he continued.

With the diversification of the Hamburg maritime sector, and the increase in niche and specialized vessel types designed and developed in the area, personalized and individualized service has been paramount in the office’s success.

“Every ship is different, every client is different,” concluded Gunnar.