Elizabeth Bouchard

Senior Vice President, Regulatory Administration

Ms. Bouchard has nearly 30 years of experience in the maritime policy and regulatory fields. She joined IRI as Maritime Policy Advisor in the fall of 2008 and was promoted to Senior Vice President, Regulatory Administration in 2014. Prior to joining IRI, Ms. Bouchard co-founded The SEALAW Group, a maritime and environmental regulatory compliance firm providing services to oil majors, independent vessel operators, and clean-up contractors. Early in her career, Ms. Bouchard held the position of Policy Analyst and then Director of Vessel Operations and Maritime Initiatives for the Transportation Institute, a US based maritime trade association. Ms. Bouchard has served as a liaison between industry and government, including serving on various US state and federal negotiating committees to craft more favorable legislation and regulations for the shipping industry. Ms. Bouchard received her B.A. in Biology with Honors from Kenyon College and her M.A. in Marine Affairs with a concentration in Maritime Transportation from the University of Virginia. Ms. Bouchard is a member of WISTA.