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Legal and financial professionals may start the incorporation process via a secure online form. Online incorporation should under no circumstances be used by anyone without consulting legal counsel.


Step One: Choose a corporate name. Names may be in any language as long as Roman characters are used and any standard corporate suffix is acceptable. Two alternative names for the corporation should be included in the event that the first selection is not available.

Step Two: Share structure. Shares may be issued as both registered and/or bearer shares or as registered only. Shares may be of par value or no par value. Par value shares may be denominated in any currency. A standard formation is 500 registered and/or bearer shares without par value or up to 50,000 USD worth of par value stock. Bearer shares are now subject to additional recordation requirements, please see section 80(3)(c) of the Business Corporations Act or the Fall 2017 Associations Law Updates page for more information.

Step Three: Select organizational activity to be taken by incorporator. The incorporator may take the following actions at no additional cost: elect directors, appoint officers or adopt bylaws.

Please see Corporate Services for more information on forming and maintaining RMI corporations.

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