Interactive Seminar For Republic Of The Marshall Islands Appointed Representatives

6 October 2018

Interactive learning in Monaco for RMI ARs attended by NautX, Mark Robinson Maritime Consultants, Azure, and UMS

An important part of the work of any flag administration is ensuring that its network of Appointed Representatives (ARs) inspects to the same high standards and deals with deficiencies in a consistent way. International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI), which provide administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Yacht Registry, used the annual Monaco Yacht Show as an opportunity to bring members of its AR network up to speed on the latest amendments to the RMI Yacht Code and new regulations.

Led by Marc Verburg, Fleet Operations Manager, Yachts from IRI’s Roosendaal office, with important contributions from Peter Chesla, Safety & Technical Manager, Yachts from Fort Lauderdale, and Rene van der Voort, Safety & Technical Manager, Yachts from Roosendaal, the two-day seminar also provided interactive training for the ARs. A series of safety and pollution related scenarios was brought to each ARs attention, with the AR using the collective expertise of the group to come up with a response and decide whether or not the yacht was deficient.

“The idea is to ensure that there is consistency across our network,” explains Marc Verburg. “We have high expectations of our ARs who conduct around 100 inspections every year. The interactive training method was highly successful, leading to debate and discussion around the room.”