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Issue of Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Officer Certificates is based on two methods: (1) by equivalency endorsement (MI-105) or (2) by professional examination (MI-105E). Equivalent Endorsement Certificates  may be issued to certificate holders from major maritime nations whose educational system and examinations are found acceptable. For details, see Annex 12 in Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification (MI-118).


Applicants who do not hold acceptable national certificates or who desire original RMI certificates must pass written examinations given by the RMI. The examinations incorporate new material required by various conventions and are in a multiple-choice format. These examinations also incorporate material specified by the STCW Convention, as amended. Guidelines for various examinations conducted by the Maritime Administrator can be found here. Certificates issued by examination are valid for a term of five (5) years. For more information, please see MI-118E Seafarer Requirements for Certification by Examination.

Yacht Officer Courses/Examinations
Preliminary application requirements for seafarers wishing to apply for the RMI Master (Yachts) – Unlimited Tonnage certificate of competency can be found here.


The specific requirements for a RMI certificate are contained on the certificate application form and in Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification (MI-118).

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Note: Specific instructions for Receiving/Filing Agents can be found in the MI-280, Receiving/Filing Agents Manual


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