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Each person serving aboard a Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) flagged vessel, other than persons such as certain hotel staff personnel on passenger vessels, scientists aboard research and satellite launch vessels, livestock tenders aboard cattle carriers, riding repair crews, oil production workers on FPSOs and MODUs and other non-maritime personnel who are not regularly assigned or required to perform shipboard safety and pollution related duties, shall have in his/her possession an official RMI Seafarer's Identification and Record Book (SIRB).

An Officer or rating may be of any nationality and need not be a citizen or resident of the RMI to apply for a Seafarer's Identification and Record Book.


The SIRB is a seafarer’s identity document issued for the purpose of providing the holder with identity papers for travel to or from an assigned vessel. It also provides the holder with a continuous record of his/her sea service and contains the Special Qualification Certificates, which specify the particular category or rating which the holder is qualified to serve.


Each issue of the SIRB is valid for five (5) years. When an SIRB expires, the sea service pages remain valid. Consequently, the seafarer should retain possession of all expired books.

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