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A commercial yacht is any yacht engaged in trade, commerce, or on charter, and carrying no more than 12 passengers. The registration of commercial yachts is limited to those of 24 meters (m) or more in load line length.

Documentation Requirements

  • Declaration of Intent to Maintain Commercial Compliance (MI-127CC).
  • Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate – Yacht (MI-336Y).
  • Within 90 days of registration, an Application for Ship Radio Station License (MI-104Y).
  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Amendment forms to be submitted for yachts over 500 GT.
  • Under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), a Maritime Labour Certificate is mandatory for commercial yachts of 500 GT or more.
  • While MLC, 2006 certification is not mandatory for commercial yachts under 500 GT, any commercial yacht may be subject to inspection to verify compliance with MLC, 2006; thus, certification is recommended.
  • Confirmation of Class issued by a Classification Society.
  • A Commercial Yacht Compliance Certificate (CYCC) issued by an Appointed Representative (AR).
  • Copy of Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Conformance Test Report for all commercial yachts 300 GT and over.

Survey Requirements

All commercial yachts, regardless of tonnage/age, shall be certified to comply with the requirements of the Code and must undergo a Compliance Verification by an AR.


Complete information regarding Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) commercial yacht registration requirements can be found in Chapter VII, Section 1 of the MI-100. A complete fee schedule for RMI commercial yachts can be found here.


Note: See MN-2-011-43, Registration of Tenders and Issuance of Tender Statements of Compliance and MN-2-011-53, Conducting Surveys and Issuing International Convention and National Certificates for Commercial Yachts, Passenger Yachts, and Yachts Engaged in Trade for additional guidance.

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