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A private yacht is considered to be any yacht not carrying passengers for hire, not engaged in trade or commerce, and being used solely for the pleasure or recreational purposes of its owner. The registration of private yachts is limited to those of 12m or more in length overall (LOA). Private yachts may carry more than 12 guests onboard, provided additional flag State requirements are met.

Documentation Requirements

  • Declaration of Private Use – Not for Hire (MI-127PY).

Survey Requirements

  • All classed private yachts of 20 years of age or less, regardless of tonnage and size, may, at the discretion of the Administrator, satisfy the pre-registration inspection requirements by submitting current, valid class and statutory certificates. In this case, a separate inspection will normally not be required; however, a current list of firefighting and lifesaving appliances shall be submitted for review.
  • All unclassed private yachts, regardless of tonnage and size, are required to undergo a pre-registration inspection prior to registration under the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) flag.
  • For yachts less than 24m in LOA, the inspection shall be carried out by an Appointed Representative (AR) or a Qualified Individual (QI)*.
  • For yachts 24m LOA or more, an AR shall carry out the inspection.
  • All private yachts over 20 years of age are subject to a pre-registration inspection prior to registration under the RMI flag.

Complete information regarding RMI private yacht registration requirements can be found in Chapter VII, Section 2 of the MI-100. A complete fee schedule for RMI private yachts can be found in MN-1-005-1.


Note: See MN-2-011-42, Surveys and Issuance of International Convention and National Certificates for Yachts for additional guidance.

*A QI is an individual or entity which, upon evidence of relevant and sufficient experience, is deemed qualified in writing by the Administrator to carry out pre-registration inspections. The latest list of RMI approved QIs can be found in MI-103B

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