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  • Private yachts may carry more than 12 guests onboard provided additional flag State requirements are met.
  • Private yachts are eligible to obtain a United States (US) Cruising Permit.
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) commercially compliant yachts are eligible to charter in Europe.
  • Private yachts of 18 meters (m) or more in length and less than 500 gross tons (GT) may be chartered out for up to 84 days as a private yacht limited charter (PYLC), provided additional flag State and local requirements are met.
  • Yachts may be registered while under construction.
  • Existing MCA LY2/LY3-certified yachts may transfer to the RMI flag. Certified yachts from other flags may be accepted as well.
  • 350 GT Master/500 GT Mate’s license is available for qualified applicants.
  • Unlimited tonnage Master (Yachts) license is available for qualified applicants.
  • With an assigned permanent representative at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the RMI participates in all major committee and subcommittee meetings. 
  • The RMI is an active member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and was one of the first flag States to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006).
  • The RMI has been included on the US Coast Guard’s Qualship 21 roster for the eleventh consecutive year and continues to be included on the White Lists of both the Paris and Tokyo Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). The RMI meets the flag criteria for a low risk ship under the Paris MoU's New Inspection Regime.
  • The RMI has adopted groundbreaking legislation that permits the registration of a yacht that is still subject to a recorded mortgage in its present country of registry. This legislation provides for the continuation of the preferred status of the mortgage without interruption; thus, the foreign mortgage lien accompanies the yacht into the RMI Registry.
  • Legal and financial professionals worldwide recognize the RMI legal system and mortgage recordation procedures.
  • Support and technical assistance are available worldwide from a staff of qualified and experienced industry professionals.


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