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The primary responsibility of the Technical Department (Technical) is to oversee the implementation of the applicable national maritime laws and to ensure that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) codes and conventions are carried out to the fullest extent practicable on ships and vessels of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry within the guidelines provided by the Administrator through MI-300, Combined Publications Folder. Please contact any IRI office for a copy.


  • Develops national regulations and interpretations of convention requirements
  • Reviews and recommends conventions and resolutions for adoption by the Administrator
  • Provides technical expertise on matters relating to naval architecture and marine engineering
  • Evaluates requests for exemptions, equivalences, material dispensations and survey extensions
  • Assesses noxious liquid substances in conjunction with evaluating Tripartite Agreements
  • Maintains liaison with, and oversight of, Classification Societies and other Recognized Organizations
  • Prepares and issues Multiple Load Line Assignment Books
  • Monitors technical matters being discussed or developed at the IMO
  • Support on Port State Control (PSC) matters and during casualty investigations
  • Promulgates Marine Notices and Technical Circulars

Because of the number of requests for this circular, we have provided the following link:

MSC/Circ.849 - Guidelines for the Performance, Location, Use and Care of Emergency Escape Breathing Devices

In order to better provide post-registration and technical services to clients, IRI has established three divisions based on geographical areas around the world:   

  • Region I, encompassing the Far East and Australia

  • Region II, encompassing Northern Europe and Baltic; Mediterranean, Black Sea and Africa; UAE and Indian Subcontinent

  • Region III, encompassing North and South America

In an effort to expedite incoming inquiries, an inspection email address,, has been established and will be monitored by your regional Registry representative.

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