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The following documents must be submitted with the initial registration documents:

1.      A confirmation of Classification Certificate together with a copy of the Current Interim Classification Certificate(s) or Classification Certificate(s)


2.      A Statement from the Class Society (which can be included in the Confirmation of Classification Certificate), affirming that:


·         All conditions of classification have been met, and that all recommendations and/or deficiencies, if any, have been dealt with;


·         If there are any outstanding recommendations and/or deficiencies that have not been dealt with, a list of same;


·         A list of the relevant statutory certificates (which means only those that are relevant to the particular vessel type), which each Class Society is prepared to issue on behalf of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) upon completion of all relevant statutory surveys (these will of course most likely have been completed by the time the vessel is delivered);


·         The current status of (1) all classification and (2) all relevant statutory surveys setting forth the dates of completion of each; and


·         If the vessel is not fit to proceed to sea prior to the completion of any outstanding recommendations or deficiencies, as noted (1) above, the reasons why.


3.      Additionally, in the case of an existing vessel which will be 15 years of age or older from the date of original construction at the date of registration, copies of the reports of the most recent:


·         Classification Special Survey, Hull;

·         Classification Special Survey, Machinery and Electrical Equipment;

·         Classification Drydocking Survey or Underwater Examination in lieu of Drydocking;

·         Load Line Survey;

·         Safety Construction Survey;

·         Safety Radio Survey; and

·         Safety Equipment Survey

·         International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Survey

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