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A passenger yacht (PAXY) is any passenger ship registered as per Chapter 2 of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Act (MI-107) that is described on the Certificate of Registry as a PAXY and therefore may be engaged in trade, commerce, or chartering carrying more than 12, but no more than 36 passengers under limited operational conditions.

Documentation Requirements

  • Declaration of Intent to Maintain Passenger Yacht  Compliance (MI-127PAXY).
  • Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate – Yacht (MI-336Y).
  • Within 90 days of registration, an Application for Ship Radio Station License (MI-104Y).
  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Amendment forms.
  • Under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), a Maritime Labour Certificate is mandatory.
  • Confirmation of Class issued by a Classification Society.
  • A PAXY Compliance Certificate (PAXYCC) issued by an Appointed Representative (AR).
  • Copy of Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Conformance Test Report for all PAXYs.

Survey Requirements

All PAXYs, regardless of tonnage/age, shall be certified to comply with the requirements of the RMI Yacht Code and must undergo a Compliance Verification by an AR.

Complete information regarding RMI PAXY registration requirements can be found in Chapter VII, Section 1 of the MI-100. A complete fee schedule for RMI PAXYs can be found here.


Note: See MN-2-011-43, Registration of Tenders and Issuance of Tender Statements of Compliance and MN-2-011-53, Conducting Surveys and Issuing International Convention and National Certificates for Commercial Yachts, Passenger Yachts, and Yachts Engaged in Trade for additional guidance.

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