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In an effort to expedite incoming inquiries, requests and notifications please be advised that the Administrator has created yacht contact email addresses. Emails should be sent to the below email addresses based on the description of each inbox to ensure proper receipt of the message. – is intended to be used for all general inquiries pertaining to the yacht registry. – is reserved for any crew related inquiries such as questions regarding the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC), the Seafarer’s Identification Record Book (SIRB), licensing, STCW and other such issues. – is reserved for inquiries directly related to Pre-Registration Inspections, Annual Inspections, Appointed Representative inspections/surveys, and Class inspections/surveys. – is reserved for specific technical questions directly related to National or International Conventions or codes such as the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Commercial Yacht Code (MI-103), MARPOL, SOLAS, et al. This also includes any requests for dispensations, service extensions, issuance of short term statutory certificates, exemptions, equivalencies, etc. for any yacht in the RMI fleet. – should be used only in the event of a maritime emergency and is available 24-hours a day. In addition you may call +1 (703) 476-3762 or fax +1 (703) 860-2284.


Please DO NOT copy emails to individuals when using any of the above email addresses. Your email will reach the appropriate individuals for handling and a response will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

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