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Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the creation of a business entity, the usual goal is to maximize its profitability while minimizing the risk of exposing its beneficial owners to personal liability. For this reason, the corporate law of a jurisdiction takes on paramount importance. First enacted in 1990, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Associations Law is one of the most modern set of statutes in the world. The RMI Associations Law contains the Business Corporations Act (BCA), Revised Partnership Act, Limited Partnership (LP) Act and Limited Liability Company (LLC) Act.

Utilization of Business Entities Includes:

  • Real estate investment

  • Holding securities and bank accounts

  • Trust and estate planning

  • Asset protection

  • Joint ventures

  • Public offerings for raising capital in world markets

  • International trade

  • Holding patents and trademarks

  • Holding vessels

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