International Registries, Inc. providing support to the Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators


Our Services:

  • Maritime and corporate documents are processed with quick turn-around time

  • International Registries, Inc.'s (IRI’s) staff of experienced mariners and maritime administration specialists provide outstanding technical support and promptly respond to client inquiries

  • Qualified personnel available to respond to maritime emergencies 24-hours a day

  • Maritime Services Group activities in Washington DC/Reston, New York, London and Piraeus are certified as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

  • Vessel registration, documentation, and mortgage recording procedures are recognized by lending institutions and shipbuilders worldwide

  • Legal and technical assistance is available before, during, and after the vessel is registered under the RMI flag

  • IRI offices are located in major maritime and financial centers around the world, allowing for around-the-clock customer service

  • Full range of vessel registry services offered: radio station licensing, crew examinations and documents, vessel inspections, technical assistance, and international representation

  • Corporate name clearance is immediate and without cost

  • Same-day corporate existence for standard and customized Articles of Incorporation

  • Each IRI office maintains a supply of ready-made shelf companies with standard articles for immediate purchase

  • Each IRI office can also process and generate RMI Articles of Incorporation and other corporate documents on-site

RMI Maritime and Business Corporation Laws:

  • New mortgage tacking legislation provides for the cost-saving continuation of a preferred mortgage status of foreign mortgages when a vessel is transferring from another jurisdiction.

  • Non-resident domestic entities are statutorily exempt from RMI taxes

  • Corporations are easy to maintain and administer -- no requirements for annual filings

  • Dual filing of translated articles, facsimile filings acceptable, and registered and/or bearer shares permitted


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