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Request to Add/Change/Delete Email Address in Notification Databases
BMP4 Best Management Practices 4th Edition UPDATED
  Replaces BMP3
MI-105A Familiarization with National Maritime Legislation UPDATED 06/2017
  Revised as of Jun/2017 to reflect minor edit to section 109(4), edit to section 811(k), edit to Reg 2.11(.3) and renumbered, edit to Reg 2.13(.1)(.2c)(.2f)(.3d), edits to Reg 7.38(.6), edits to Reg 7.43(.3), edits to Reg 7.45(.1) and renumbered, added Reg 7.50, added Reg 7.52(.1a)(.1b)(.7), & edits to section 4.0.

Revised as of 5/15 to reflect the updating of MN-1-004-1 and sections 1.0 and 4.0 through 11.0 to harmonize with the revisions to MI-108, section 1.01.4.

Revised as of 1/15 to reflect the replacement of the reference to the BC Code with IMSBC Code in item 4, Regulation 2.13, the addition of new item (10) on enclosed space entry and rescue drills with rest renumbered in item 2f, Regulation 7.41, the revision of item (l) in Regulation 7.41.6, the addition of new items 7 (Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue Drills), 9 (Persons Overboard Drills) and 10 (Recovery of Persons from the Water) with the rest renumbered in Regulation 7.41 and the updating of item 2b in Regulation 7.47 to reflect that a copy of the Certificate of Competence must be provided to the ship’s Master rather than displayed in a conspicuous location on board.

Revised as of 8/14 to reflect the updating of the verbiage in 7.45.1 regarding original signatures to harmonize with the changes made to MI-108 and the updating of sections 4.0 (Marine Notices) and 5.0 (Marine Guidelines) to reflect the deletion of MN-7-047-1 and the updating of the control number of the guideline on SEAs to MG-7-45-1 from MG-7-46-1.

Revised as of 7/14 to reflect the deletion of the words "at least once a week" in item (9) of section 7.41.2(f).

Revised as of 5/14 to reflect the updating of section 7.41.6 to include passenger vessels and MOUs and the addition of new section 7.41.15 on Emergency Preparedness.

Revised as of 2/14 to reflect the addition of new item (e) in section 6.38.1 as follows:
"e. All Investigations shall, to the extent reasonable and practicable, be conducted in accordance with IMO resolution A.987(24) and the Guidelines on Fair Treatment of Seafarers in the Event of a Maritime Accident (IMO Circular Letter No. 2711), as may be amended from time to time."
MI-109 Report of Marine Casualty UPDATED 08/2018
  Updated as of Aug/2018 to reflect change to title, and change to title of Section II.

Revised as of Aug/2018 to reflect minor edits to the special note in Block 39.

Revised to reflect changes in formatting from Word doc to pdf.
MI-109-1 Report of Personal Injury or Loss of Life UPDATED 03/2018
  Revised as of Mar/2018 to reflect the addition of Section II (17)(18)(19)(20), renumbered.

Updated as of Mar/2017 to reflect re-formatting throughout.

Revised as of Mar/2017 to reflect edits to Section II (7)(a)(b) & Section II (18).

Revised as of Dec/2016 to reflect edits to Section I(3), edits to Section II(16)(e)(f)(g)(h)(i)(j), added Section III(17)(b) and renumbered, & edits to Section III(21).

Revised as of 1/16 to reflect changes in formatting from Word doc to pdf.
MI-109-2 Report of Acts of Piracy-Armed Robbery against Ships UPDATED 08/2016
  Revised as of Aug/2016 to reflect edits to line numbers 23 & 25.
MI-109-3 Report of Stowaways 08/2017
MI-109-4 Report of Migrant Smuggling by Sea NEW

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