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MI-293 Mobile Offshore Unit Standards UPDATED 12/2016
  Revised as of Dec/2016 to reflect edits to Notice page; edits to Section 1.1 (Introduction), renumbered; edits to section 1.2.1, renumbered; edits to section 2.0 (Definitions), “Short field move”; added section 3.1.5; renumbered section 3.10.4; renumbered section 3.13.2; renumbered section 7.5.3; edits to section 8.0 (Requirements Based on Service and Industrial Operations); edits to section 8.1 (Units Engaged in Drilling, Production and Processing of Hydrocarbons), title change; title change to section 8.2 (Units in Accommodation Services); edits to section 8.2.2 (Life-Saving Appliances); edits to section 8.2.3 (Fire Protection of Accommodation Spaces), renumbered; edits to section 8.2.4 (Training); edits to section 8.2.5 (Personnel Transfer), title change; edits to section 8.3 (Units Handling (LNG)), title change and renumbered; added section 8.3.1; added section 8.3.2; added section 8.3.3; added section 8.3.4; added section 8.4 (Other Service Units); & updated TOC to reflect above changes.

Revised as of 5/15 as follows: revised Notice page to reflect the link to the updated version of this document; hyperlinked documents where possible throughout; added new paragraphs under 3.0 on General/Common Requirements, added new 3.6.5 on Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue Drills & renumbered rest; deleted Annex I containing sample request for authorization form as form has been hyperlinked in 3.12.3; TOC updated to reflect above changes.

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