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  • Oil Record Book
  • Cargo Record Book
  • Articles of Agreement
Document # Title of Document  
MI-333A Cargo Record Book Instructions
ORB_Instructions Oil Record Book Instructions UPDATED 04/2011
  Revised to reflect the removal of the Note to see sample pages in the Oil Record Book which were taken out due to inconsistencies in the various IMO documents addressing the issue.
TCMI-03 Order-Shipping-Billing Information UPDATED 06/2015
  Revised as of 6/15 to reflect the deletion of the line entry regarding the MI-300 CD, due to the change in policy of no longer requiring the MI-300 CD to be on board RMI flagged vessels.

Updated as of 10/13 to reflect the addition of "State or" before "Country" in the address section and the replacement of the fax information with an email address at the bottom of the page.

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