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2002 Marine Safety Advisories

MSAdvisory 1-02 STCW 95 Certification and Endorsements after 1 February 2002
MSAdvisory 1-02 (Crew Certification Record) Crew Certification Record
MSAdvisory 3-02 Radio Equipment sold by Japan Radio Company Ltd (JRC) for use in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
MSAdvisory 5-02 Safety Alert - Low Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing System
MSAdvisory 6-02 Consequences of MARPOL Annex I Violations
MSAdvisory 12-02 Improperly Operated Oily Water Separation Equipment - Warning
MSAdvisory 16-02 Vessel Reporting to NATO Shipping Center for Ship Transits of the Suez Canal
MSAdvisory 18-02 Danger involving the IKAROS MOB MkII Smoke/Light Unit
MSAdvisory 21-02 Guidelines for Shore-Based Maintenance of Satellite EPIRBs
MSAdvisory 22-02 EPIRB Antennae Failures
MSAdvisory 23-02 Guidance Notes for Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs)
MSAdvisory 26-02 Marshall Islands Required Officer and Crew Documentation
MSAdvisory 32-02 MARPOL Annex I Contraventions and Port State Control
MSAdvisory 33-02 U.S. Coast Guard Announces Life Jacket Recall

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