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2004 Marine Safety Advisories

MSAdvisory 3-04 USCG Port State Control Targeting and Boarding Policy
MSAdvisory 10-04 Revision to Anchorages, Fairways, Light Buoys and Pilot Boarding Grounds in Port
MSAdvisory 14-04 Submittal of Vessel Plans to Panama Canal Authority
MSAdvisory 15-04 Automated Manifest System (AMS), Advance Filing, Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) and International Carrier Bond (ICB)
MSAdvisory 16-04 Advance Cargo Manifest Presentation Requirement – Delay for Bulkers
MSAdvisory 17-04 New Requirements for Bulk Carriers
MSAdvisory 18-04 Safety Alert - Lifeboat Gripes
MSAdvisory 21-04 NATO to Expand Anti-Terrorism Operation Active Endeavour to Entire Mediterranean
MSAdvisory 22-04 Transportation of Dangerous Goods in PRC Waters
MSAdvisory 23-04 RADAR for Collision Avoidance
MSAdvisory 24-04 Safety Alert – Loss of INMARSAT C Safety Messages
MSAdvisory 27-04 Alert – Mustang Survival Ocean Commander Immersion Suits
MSAdvisory 32-04 Safety Alert - Lifejacket Snap Hooks
MSAdvisory 33-04 IMO Bans Large Ships from NE Coast of NZ North Island
MSAdvisory 34-04 Safety Alert - PROSAR Technologies
MSAdvisory 35-04 Ship Detentions Stemming from Radiocommunication Deficiencies
MSAdvisory 36-04 Air Pollution Rules to Enter Into Force in 2005
MSAdvisory 40-04 Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP) Requirements
MSAdvisory 49-04 DSC Test Call Recommendation
MSAdvisory 52-04 International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, Inoculation of Ships Against Non-Compliant Ports, Port Facilities and/or Non-Compliant Ships
MSAdvisory 54-04 UK Safety Bulletin – Inflatable Life Raft Quick Release Arrangements
MSAdvisory 60-04 United States - Enforcement of the 96-Hour ANOA Requirement
MSAdvisory 65-04 INMARSAT-E
MSAdvisory 76-04 Marine VHF Channel 71 (156.575 MHZ) Use in Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca, USA
MSAdvisory 77-04 Changes to USCG Radio Frequencies
MSAdvisory 79-04 Lifeboat Accident During Launching
MSAdvisory 80-04 Documentary Proof of Application for Officers' Endorsements
MSAdvisory 82-04 Entry Into Force - Amendments to the 1988 Load Lines Protocol and Amendments to the Enhanced Survey Programme for Tankers and Bulk Carriers (Resolution A.744(18))

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