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2005 Marine Safety Advisories

MSAdvisory 2-05 AMSA Detains Ship for Water Ballast Air Pipe Closing Device Deficiency
MSAdvisory 6-05 Iraq Maritime Security Checkpoint Procedures
MSAdvisory 10-05 Safety Alert - Loosening of Rescue Boat Fasteners
MSAdvisory 12-05 Australia - Seafarers’ Identification
MSAdvisory 15-05 New Email Address for Seafarer Matters
MSAdvisory 22-05 Non-Serviceable and Substandard Type I Unicellular Plastic Foam Life Preservers
MSAdvisory 23-05 Interim Guidance for the Development and Review of Response Plans for Nontank Vessels
MSAdvisory 25-05 U.S. Economic Sanctions Re Sudan
MSAdvisory 28-05 USCG Warns of Potential for Improperly Installing CO2 Cylinders in PFDs
MSAdvisory 31-05 Ship Reporting Arrangements in the Western European Tanker Reporting System
MSAdvisory 31-05 Annex32 Adoption of Mandatory Ship Reporting System in the Western European Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
MSAdvisory 34-05 Port of Fujairah and Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area Requirements
MSAdvisory 41-05 New Flag State Reporting Requirements for Vessels Entering U.S. Ports
MSAdvisory 42-05 Coalition Maritime Hotline
MSAdvisory 44-05 U.S. Caost Guard Unveils "Homeport” Website
MSAdvisory 47-05 Safety Alert - Automatic Identification System (AIS) - Saab Transponder Timing Problem
MSAdvisory 50-05 U.S. Coast Guard Final Rule: Marine Casualty Reporting
MSAdvisory 51-05 Nauticast Technical Bulletin – Re-Synchronization of AIS Systems

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