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2006 Marine Safety Advisories

MSAdvisory 1-06 U.S. Coast Guard Final Rule – Alcohol Test Kits
MSAdvisory 2-06 AMSA - Relevant Insurance Certificate Requirement
MSAdvisory 7-06 U.S. Coast Guard Revised Interim Guidelines for Nontank Vessel Response Plans
MSAdvisory 8-06 United States Requirements for Importation of Wood Packaging Material
MSAdvisory 9-06 USCG Safety Alert – Strike First Fire Extinguishers
MSAdvisory 11-06 Unauthorized Boarding of Vessel at San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic
MSAdvisory 15-06 First SOX Emission Control Area (SECA) Becomes Effective 19 May 2006
MSAdvisory 16-06 Emergency Escape Hood Recall
MSAdvisory 17-06 Recall - Pains Wessex White Collision Warning (MK7) Hand Flare - Item No 52651
MSAdvisory 19-06 Torres Strait Compulsory Pilotage
MSAdvisory 20-06 Validity of the IOPP Certificate and Supplements Issued Under the Current MARPOL Annex I After 1 January 2007
MSAdvisory 22-06 Guidance on the Provision of Information for Identifying Ships When Transmitting Ship Security Alerts
MSAdvisory 23-06 Harassment by Small Craft
MSAdvisory 28-06 Retention of Original Records/Documents Onboard Ships
MSAdvisory 28-06 Attachment Retention of Original Records/Documents on Board Ships
MSAdvisory 29-06 USCG Regulatory Interpretation for Notice of Arrival Regulation
MSAdvisory 30-06 Ratification of the “Bunkers Convention," Request for Comments
MSAdvisory 31-06 Issuance of a Revised Format of Certificate of Competency (COC) and Certificate of Endorsement (COE) for Officers by the Marshall Islands Maritime Administration
MSAdvisory 32-06 Prohibition of Marshall Islands Flag Vessels Transporting Certain Equipment and Materials Into or Out of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
MSAdvisory 34-06 Observance of USA Communications Regulations

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